Hair Hair Hair

Decided to get my hair permed in preparation for Mike and Megan’s wedding. Jon asked that I grow my hair long again which, ugh, I’m going to do but with the heat in California we’ll have to see how long I can last. In case you’ve forgotten how long it used to be here’s a pic:

It hung down to my butt in a braid! Then one day I went to the salon with it braided and said to chop it off. I donated it, but it didn’t get made into a children’s wig because it was dyed. I suspect it was just tossed.

Yesterday, I went to the lady who does Bea’s (my mother in law) hair. She’s been doing her hair for 16 years so I figured she knew her way around perming grays. I insisted that she not cut a thing and here’s the result:

You can’t tell because I’m not smiling but I really love it. I fluffed it out last night and was dancing to disco music:

And then on a lark I took two of my old hair pins and combined them together to hold everything up. I suspect I’ll be doing this a lot when the +100 weather hits.


These are knit using the Neville Longbottom pattern and using Ancient Arts Superwash Merino/Nylon sport weight yarn in the Australian Shepherd colorway. A portion of the proceeds from this yarn is used to benefit charities that help stray and abandoned dogs. Love love love this yarn. I’m going to order another skein in the Blue Sealpoint Siamese colorway when these are finished.

I’m going to show some of my quilt work next time. I’m still not sure about using this platform for blogging because I don’t think anyone can comment unless they sign up for a free account, which totally sucks. If anyone has a better idea for a blog page than WordPress please let me know.