Hair Hair Hair

Decided to get my hair permed in preparation for Mike and Megan’s wedding. Jon asked that I grow my hair long again which, ugh, I’m going to do but with the heat in California we’ll have to see how long I can last. In case you’ve forgotten how long it used to be here’s a […]

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Blueberry muffins and Soda Bread

I finished a sock in the Blueberry muffin pattern using the leftover Hedgehog fibers Peacock color yarn that I knit my scarf with. Blueberry muffins in a new stitch pattern for me and can be found for free on Ravelry. It knits up “poofy” compared with a vanilla latte sock so it should be great […]

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The Nugent Noise begins again…

Back when the kids were growing up I used to publish The Nugent Noise, a newsletter about their misadventures and surviving Motherhood. Today I’m starting a new chapter about all things knitting, quilting and recipes that are my “go to” favorites. There may be a story or two tossed in as well…I hope you enjoy. […]

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